Berries@Home by Beekers Berries

Berries@Home® is a trademark supplied by Beekers Berries. Beekers Berries is a leading brand for high-end quality soft fruit. Many specialists and chefs around the world know about the soft fruit produced by Beekers Berries. With the introduction of the Berries@Home® collection, the Beekers Berries growers give everyone a chance to grow their own quality products.


The best strawberry, guaranteed

The only good strawberry plant for the Beekers Berries growers is a healthy plant, producing the right flavour and amount of strawberries. Quality not quantity is most important. The same strawberry plants that are used for top quality Beekers Berries soft fruit are available to you at home.

The strawberry plants will give you the best yield possible if you take good care of them. Note that each variety will have a different yield. Check the average yield per plant here.


Strawberries of the future

Beekers Berries has its own breeding programme. Traditional and natural crossing methods are used to create new, special and better strawberry varieties. There is also cooperation with other breeding programmes which are always on the look-out for something better.

Breeders participating in these programs are people that love and respect nature and do not use genetic manipulating techniques. Nature must find its own way; therefore breeding new varieties takes time. At this very moment there are several candidates of new varieties which you may find in the future marketplace