Elsanta strawberry plant
Elsanta strawberry

Elsanta strawberry plant

One of the most popular varieties in Northern Europe is the Elsanta strawberry. A logical choice, as the strawberry plant is very suitable for the Northern European climate. Strawberries from the Elsanta plant are firm and have a good taste and strong aroma. Additionally, this strawberry’s shelf life is very good.


Elsanta, a typical junebearer

The Elsanta strawberry plant is known by the professionals as a junebearer. The most prominent feature of the junebearer is that it will mainly produce strawberries in May and June. Would you like to enjoy strawberries from your own garden throughout May to September? We advise you to plant a mixture of different varieties in your garden, balcony or patio.


Besides the Elsanta junebearer, the Berries@Home® selection includes three other junebearers:


To extend your strawberry harvest time through to mid September, you can add everbearer plants into your garden. These will bear strawberries from July until September. The Berries@Home® collection includes two special varieties:


How many strawberries will grow on my Elsanta plant?

Berries@Home® sells Elsanta strawberry plants mainly in large square pots. These pots contain 4 plants with a lot of flowers, berries and even ripe strawberries. These pots will give you between 1000 and 1500 grams of strawberries.

Of course it is important to follow the tips included on the strawberry plant container.


Strawberry recipes for the Elsanta strawberry

Sliced strawberries on your sandwich, cracker or rusk are delicious, especially when you have just lovingly picked them yourself. When you have more than a few strawberries, you might want to try something new. Check out our recipes on this website or on our Pinterest boards.

Are you a creative person in the kitchen and would you like to share your recipe with us, please contact us via the contact form.