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strawberry harvest, strawberry yield
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Plant strawberries
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How and where to plant a strawberry plant?

Your strawberry plants need the following:

  • A sunny spot
  • Space – a large pot or place in the garden and no more then 6 strawberry plants per m2
  • Water –depending on weather conditions
  • Cross-pollination for the pineberry and strasberry plants


Every home has a different place for the strawberry. If you do not own a (big) garden, do not worry, you can plant the strawberry in a beautiful pot on your patio, balcony, pergola or roof terrace.

Strawberry plants in small pots (size 10.5 cm) are best taken out of their pots and planted in the garden or a bigger pot. For the strawberry plants you buy in the big square pots, Berries@Home® advises to do this after the strawberry season.


To plant the strawberry plants into a bigger pot or your garden follow these steps:

  1. Make a whole in the soil a bit bigger than the clod of the plant
  2. Put the plant in the hole and fill with soil you have just taken out
  3. Press firmly in the soil
  4. Pour water on the soil
  5. Make sure the plant is not too deep. The rhizome (bigger part of the strawberry plant stem) must stay above ground (see picture)