Eve's Delight strawberry plant
Strawberry Eve's Delight

Eve’s Delight strawberry plant

The name says it all; Eves Delight is a very aromatic and flavoursome strawberry. The strawberries from this plant are also large and nicely shaped. Eves Delight is pleasure to have growing in your garden.


Enjoy your berries

Berries@Home® would like you to enjoy strawberries for as long as possible. Eves Delight is a good addition to junebearers such as Elsanta, Lambada, pineberry and strasberry.


Eve’s Delight is a late everbearer. After the junebearer and the normal everbearer, this late everbearer will be the last plant to bear you berries. Eve’s Delight will produce several crops per season. The first strawberries can be picked around July and you will continue picking until mid September.


Variation in your garden is easily created by planting different strawberry varieties in addition to the Eve’s Delight strawberry plant. Besides the above mentioned junebearers you can also plant a Sweet Eve strawberry plant.


For more information on the different varieties, click on the names.


Eve’s Delight strawberries per season

What is the total weight of strawberries you can pick from the Eve’s Delight plant?In the right circumstances, you will be able to pick around 700 grams of strawberries per plant. Of course you need to take good care of the plant and honestly, weather has a huge influence as well.


When given the right care, your strawberry plants can be kept in your garden for many years.


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Recipes with Eve’s Delight strawberries

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