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What is the difference between a junebearer and an everbearer?

Junebearer, also known as short day plant, will produce most of its strawberries in May and June. The everbearer or day neutral plant, will fruit throughout July, August and September.

Growing and blooming cycles of these two types of plants differ significantly.


Junebearer cycle:

  1. Days get longer (springtime); strawberry plant develops leaves and runners
  2. Starting the 2nd week of September days get shorter than 12 hours (daylight). The strawberry plant is stimulated to develop flower buds
  3. Winter period; strawberry plant goes into hibernation
  4. March/April; plant wakes from hibernation and will develop further
  5. May/June; strawberries ripen – you can pick your strawberries for 6 to 8 weeks
  6. After the harvest period the cycle starts again with 2


Everbearer cycle:

  1. This strawberry plant needs a minimum day temperature of above 12° C/54° F to develop flowers. It does not depend on the hours of daylight
  2. With the right temperature the everbearer will continue to develop new flowers, which will grow into strawberries
  3. Whenever the temperature will go below 12° C/54° F the plant will stop to produce new flower buds
  4. During the winter period the everbearer will also go into hibernation
  5. In April the everbearer wakes up from hibernation and will start its cycle at 2


Both junebearers and everbearers will give strawberries for several years when taken good care of. However, after two harvest years the size of the strawberries will decrease as the plant loses its power. But do not worry about taste, this will remain.

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