Strasberry plant
Strasberry strawberry

Strasberry plant

The word strasberry is a combination of the words “raspberry” and “strawberry”. It refers to a strawberry that has the genetic make-up of a strawberry, but the small size and deeply positioned seeds that give the appearance of a strawberry-raspberry hybrid.

The strasberry variety is almost 100 years old and still grown because of its unique taste and special appearance.


Strasberry history

All common red strawberry varieties originate from a crossing dating back to the early 18th century. This was a crossing between the Fragaria Chiloensis from Chile and the Fragaria Virginiana from North America. These two parent plants can still be traced from today’s strasberry; with its dark green leather-like leaf and special flavour from the Chilean strawberry and the deeper seeds from the North-American strawberry.


Revival of the strasberry

Breeder Hans de Jongh who leads the Beekers Berries Breeding program, started selling the strasberry in 1996. However, due to the difficult growing circumstances and smaller yield compared to the “normal” strawberry, it still is a specialty product not grown by many. Planting the strasberry in your own garden will therefore remain very unique.


Harvesting strasberries

You will harvest your own strasberry mainly in May and June. Make sure that the strasberry is planted near “ordinary” red strawberries so it can be easily pollinated. Like the pineberry, the strasberry is a female plant and needs other strawberry plants for cross-pollination. An insect such as the (bumble)bee needs to transfer the pollen from the strawberry plant to the strasberry plant. This way the strasberry plant will develop its tasteful strasberries.