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Strawberries from seed

Can strawberries grow from seeds?

Berries @ Home often gets asked if the strawberry plants can be supplied as seeds. This is however, not possible for the varieties we sell. Berries @ Home varieties are commercial varieties, meaning strawberries that people love to eat and can be grown in larger quantities by the growers. All these varieties are propagated by cuttings to ensure that the same breed characteristics are preserved and the strawberry remains delicious.

By planting the seeds of the Berries @ Home strawberry plants will give you new plants. However as the strawberries are not "seed-consistent" the strawberries from this plant will be different from the one you have sown.

Strawberry seeds are available with other supplier, but these are always non-commercial varieties. Strawberries from seeds are also often from strawberry plants that are crossed with other plants so they give beautiful flowers. "Seed strawberry plants" are also called ornamental strawberries.

Conclusion; would you like a real pineberry, strasberry, Elsanta, Lambada, Sweet Eve or Eve’s Delight, make sure to buy a rooted strawberry plant.