Strawberry jam recipe


950 grams strawberries (preferably one variety)

1 kg jam sugar (sugar with pectin)


Large pan

Wooden spoon



4 empty clean glass jars with iron lid

2 tea towels


Strawberry jam (3 to 4 jars)

Nothing beats a home-made jam. And you can also make this into a nice gift.

Of course your home-made jam can be used as an ingredient in many recipes some of which are on this websites and others that you will find on our inspirational Pinterest boards.



  1. Make sure the glass jars are very clean (cooked or dishwasher clean)
  2. Wet one tea towel with cold water and spread out on the kitchen counter
  3. Rinse the jars and lids with hot water
  4. Let them dry upside down on the wet tea towel
  5. Hull the strawberries
  6. Put all strawberries in a very large pan with the sugar
  7. Heat until it starts to boil
  8. Boil for 4 minutes
  9. Take of the foam

To divide the strawberries evenly, use the pestle. Of course you can use a blender, but then you will lose the strawberry structure.

  1. When the jam is ready, wet the other tea towel with cold water
  2. Use the towel to hold the jar you want to fill
  3. Use the ladle to get the jam into the jar
  4. Fill the jar almost completely
  5. Put on the lid and turn the jar upside down
  6. Leave the jars on the wet tea towel until you hear a click after 5 tot 15 minutes (you hear the jar clicks vacuum)
  7. You can now turn the jars again
  8. Let the jars cool down, to fasten this process you can put a wet cold towel on top of the jars


Home-made strawberry jam is delicious on bread, rusk, in yoghurt or cakes.