Sweet Eve strawberry plant
Strawberry Sweet Eve

Sweet Eve strawberry plant

Sweet Eve is a relatively new strawberry variety from an exclusive British breeding programme. Since its 2008 introduction to the UK, it has conquered the hearts of many consumers. And we all know this only happens with a truly tasty strawberry.


Long lasting Sweet Eve

Berries@Home® want you to enjoy your home grown strawberries for as long as possible. The Sweet Eve strawberry plant is an everbearer which will produce delicious strawberries throughout the whole summer (July to September). Everbearers depend less on daylight which makes them ideal for the Northern European climate.

Would you like to enjoy home grown strawberries even sooner? Select some junebearers from the Berries@Home® collection. Junebearers will start producing strawberries in May. We are happy to help you choose from:


Harvest your Sweet Eve strawberries

Sweet Eve is especially developed for the Northern European climate. Sweet Eve strawberry plants thrive well in the average Northern Europe summer. When you nurture strawberry plants in the right way, the average harvest from one Sweet Eve strawberry plant will be around 700 grams. Please keep in mind that after a period of about 2 years the plants will produce smaller strawberries as the plant will lose some of it growing potential.


Sweet Eve strawberry recipes

Please take a look at our recipes here for a selection of strawberry recipes. More inspiration can be found on our Pinterest boards, which includes many different strawberry usage suggestions.

For even more inspiration and recipes especially designed around this British strawberry, we advise you to take a look at the website of our British friends:  www.sweetevestrawberry.co.uk.