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Plant strawberries
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What do the symbols/icons on my plant package mean?

Our different packages, labels and covers show different symbols and their explanation. Here you will find it all, just in case you discarded of it:


Height: 60 cm– The maximum height of a strawberry plant will be around 60 cm/24 inches

Place: sun- Best place for strawberry plants is a sunny place. The sun will make sure the strawberry plant grows better and make your strawberries taste wonderful.

Plant: plant in your garden - strawberry plants bought in container size 10.5 cm or smaller need to be planted in a larger pot or straight into the garden. Follow these steps, click HIER

Water: daily - When there is no rain during the harvest period, ensure you water your plants once or twice a day.

Strawberries: 6-8 weeks  – Depending on the given care and the variety, the strawberry plant will produce strawberries for 6 to 8 weeks. Below you will find an overview of the harvest period per variety.















Sweet Eve



Eve’s Delight











Cross-pollination needed – This information only applies to the pineberry and strasberry.

To make sure the pineberry and strasberry produces their berries it is essential to place them in the immediate surroundings of self-pollinating strawberry plants. This will increase the chance of cross-pollination. Once the pollens from a red strawberry plant is transferred to the pineberry and strasberry flowers, they will develop into strawberries. Cross-pollination will happen via an insect such as the (bumble)bee.

Berries@Home® has the following self-pollinating varieties in its collection:

Plants per square meter: 6 - For the best result Berries@Home® advises to plant a maximum of 6 strawberry plants per square meter. This will provide all plants with enough light and nutrition and will give them the most opportunity to develop. Keeping this in mind will help you to get the highest yield possible.

Home and garden plant- You will find this symbol on the large square pot which contains 4 strawberry plants. You can keep the strawberry plants in the same container while the berries ripen. Just make sure to select a sunny spot for this plant. Especially when you keep  the plant indoors, do not forget to water daily.

Strawberry plants are not frost resistant – Not being frost resistant means it is important to protect the plants against temperatures below 0° C / 32° F. Cover the plants with plastic or straw. Make sure the plant can always get rid of moisture/water, otherwise they will grow mould and and die.