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Life-time strawberry plant

What is the life-time of a strawberry plant?

You can enjoy your strawberry plant for several seasons if you follow the care tips provided.

At the end of the winter period (around end of February) you need to remove the dry leaves and cut the strawberry plant back until they are around 10 cm above ground.


As strawberry plants are not frost resistant, it is important you protect them during the frost period. This can be done by covering the plants with:

  • Straw
  • Plastic


Make sure the plants can still “breathe” allowing the water or moisture to get away, otherwise the plant will start to mould and die.

After the frosting period, you can take away the protective materials and the strawberry plant will start to grow again. Do not forget to water the plants during dry weather. When taking good care of your strawberry plants, you can enjoy the berries for a few years. Do keep in mind that the strawberry plant will lose some of it power and will produce smaller strawberries after two harvest periods.

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