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Why do the pineberry and strasberry need cross-pollination and how do I take care of this?

Both the pineberry and strasberry plant are female plants. As a consequence they both need strawberry plant for pollination. Without pollinated flowers, the plants will not produce strawberries. The best chance for pollination will be when you plant “ordinary” red strawberry plant next to these special strawberry plants. Nature will help your plants to pollinate.


Cross-pollination is usually done by an insect (sometimes the wind will help as well). To find nectar, the insect will visit a flower and will carry the pollen to the next flower it visits. This is how your red strawberry helps to pollinate your special pineberry or strasberry flowers.

Once pollination has taken place, the flowers will develop into strawberries and after a while you can pick the fruits of the insects labour.

Berries@Home® advises to place a minimum of two self-pollinating red strawberry plants next to one female strawberry plant. This will increase the chance for cross-pollination.


Self-pollinating strawberry plants from the Berries@Home® collection include:


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