In March, April and May, our Berries@Home strawberry plants are available at various supermarkets, garden centers and fruit and vegetable specialists. The strawberry plants come directly from the greenhouse and from the field. Ready to settle in a beautiful garden, on a lovely balcony or on an amazing roof terrace. We hope that they are cared for there with the same love and passion as they are by us. That's how you get the most delicious, summer-sweet strawberries!  

Sunny and sheltered placePlace the strawberry plant in a nice sunny and sheltered spot. Under these conditions, the plant thrives best and the strawberries develop a delicious summer sweet taste.
Enough waterMake sure strawberry plants get enough water, especially during the harvest period. On dry, sunny days, we advise you to water the plants at least once a day. However, do not over-water the plants, as this increases the risk of mould.
Fertilize with plant nutritionsAfter 4 weeks from purchase, we recommend fertilizing the strawberry plant weekly with plant nutritions. If you want to transplant the strawberry plant in the garden, the plant will get enough nutrients from the soil. However, we recommend not transplanting the strawberry plant from pot to the garden until after harvest time.
Frost protection
Strawberry plants are not frost-resistant. It is therefore important to protect strawberry plants from temperatures below 0°C. This can be done by covering the strawberry plant with plastic or straw. Make sure that the plant can continue to 'breathe', so that the moisture can escape. Otherwise, mold will develop, and the plant may die. After the frost period, the protective materials can be removed, and the strawberry plant will start growing again. If the strawberry plant is (still) in a pot, the plant can of course also be moved temporarily to a frost-free environment.

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